Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Tips & Ideas

Wooden kitchen cabinets are commonplace, and there are several different ways in which you might have ended up with them. Maybe you’ve just bought a house that already contains wooden kitchen cabinets, or maybe you bought your kitchen cabinets at an auction and still have to install them instead.

Wherever you got them, wooden kitchen cabinets are long-lasting – and there’s a lot you can do with them.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Tips & Ideas

Here are some great tips for what to do with your wood kitchen cabinets next.

#1: Installing New Knobs

Kitchen cabinets can be about a lot more than just the cabinets: Sometimes the knobs and hinges are the star of the show. This is often the case where you’re looking at a vintage kitchen cabinet that might be in a bad state but have knobs that can be removed, or where you have found a great set of knobs and hinges separately that you might like to have installed in another cabinet.

Either of these can give a cabinet a great, fresh new look.

#2: Going for the Natural Look

Sometimes a chipped, worn or unsightly paint job is hiding some really great natural wood underneath. This can sometimes be true for all types of wooden furniture, not just cupboards. Chipping off a small “sample” from a piece can give you an idea of the wood under the varnish or paint, and from there, you can restore a cupboard with just some time, sanding and varnish. Remember that varnish has to be given several coats, and usually along the grain of the wood rather than against.

#3: The Re-Varnish

Sometimes all a kitchen cabinet needs in order to look new and fresh is a re-varnish. It’s not quite as much effort as painting, and it’s sometimes great if you want to preserve the natural look and feel of an existing piece that you have with a certain amount of unique beauty or charm. If you’ve never applied varnish before, take a look at some videos on YouTube which can show you the ropes – just like paint varnish often requires several different coats.

#4: Application-Work

Application and print work is usually done by-hand, and can add a beautiful border or edging to an existing piece; it’s great because it’s not as much work as painting, and it can add something basic to a piece without taking away from the existing finish. Application work can be done in every possible color, and usually doesn’t even take ten minutes from start to finish. If you don’t have a steady enough hand to do it with paint and a finer brush, application work can also be printed on with stencilling to save you some time and effort.

#5: Antique or Vintage Restoration

Every once in a while, you end up with a real gem – usually a vintage or antique piece. Sometimes they’re in good condition right off the bat and just need a few adjustments to make them look good as new again, while other times it might take a little more work than this. Either way, vintage cupboard restoration is a worthwhile project.

Restoring a vintage cupboard can mean being more careful with what you do with it: Stripping off and painting a vintage piece can drop its value instead. For restoration projects, it’s important to note the type of wood that you’re working with, and the period that you’re trying to restore the piece to – do your research beforehand, and call in the help of an antiques professional where you aren’t sure how to approach your next project.

Are you ready to take that kitchen cupboard and do something new?