Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – What You Need To Know

Refacing your existing kitchen furniture and accessories has become the most popular way of acquiring brand new and good looking cabinets for a lesser amount. Similar to other home improvement projects, there are several aspects that need to be put into consideration before embarking on kitchen cabinet refacing.

While weighing your options between replacement and resurfacing, remember that refacing is the most economical option. Based on the style you pick, you could save up to 50%.

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Resurfacing gives your cabinetry a fresh and attractive look. Achieving the design and style you most admire is now very easy. Many consumers are searching for more ecological and nature friendly options when undertaking kitchen remodeling. Therefore, as compared to replacing, refacing is definitely the greener option. The process will be more nature friendly if the old cabinet accessories are recycled.

Top Secrets For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinetry is still solid but outdated, a new coat of paint can really help transform your space without costing you a fortune. You can decide to hire a professional painter to spray paint for a reasonable amount of money.

Alternatively, you can undertake the painting project on your own. Paint spraying is not necessary when you want to achieve a smoother finish. Brush painting is manageable and the risk of the paint ending up in unwanted areas can be avoided.

When you handle kitchen cabinet painting properly you will achieve a smoother finish. One disadvantage of brushing is that it is time consuming and can take several weeks to finish.

Prior to starting the painting job, clear off your counters, remove free standing appliances and empty your cabinets. Relocate all furniture to an adjacent room to get enough space for the job. Note that for a successful paint job, surface preparation is very important.

How Much Does Refacing Cost?

The total amount of money to reface depends on your particular needs. However, the total cost includes; Labor and installation, materials needed for refacing, customization options and miscellaneous expenses. You have to obtain a comprehensive explanation of the refacing process and the overall price estimate.

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Some Great Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

You can personalize the appearance of your food preparation area by adding color. Painting your cabinets and drawers will give your space a touch of class and elegancy. White and cream will give you a neutral look. Consider light yellow to add smiles and sunshine, it looks great with blonde floors and white walls. Mint green on the island blended with white is also amazing.

Your cabinetry door style is another vial aspect in your kitchen’s new design. Apart from being the most visible elements in the kitchen, they can also be very costly. Ranging from simple to elaborate, every door style matches a particular home design. Some common door styles include; shaker cabinet door style, flat and louvered style.

Another incredible idea is mix and matching your cabinetry styles. If you can’t decide between painted and wooden cabinets then you should mix and match the colors and finishes.

Choosing Cabinet Doors

Since these doors are the most visible elements in the kitchen, making the right decision is very important. Ask your designer for advice if you are confused. This is what you should consider:

  1. Material

Before making your choice, you have to consider the practical aspects of your cooking area. If you are designing for a big family, then you should avoid glossy finishes.

      2. Color

You can opt for colors that complement your home theme or settle on colors that you like most.

Upgrading and Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet refinishing involves removal of the old vanish and reapplying a fresh coat. It is an economical way of upgrading and refreshing your wood cabinets. You can also change the current cabinetry doors for a modern style, add organizers and inserts as well as replace worn out drawer boxes. For a successful refinishing project, you have to hire a professional who understands sanding methods, upper coat removal and wood properties.

Understanding Types of Cabinet Hardware

Most of these hardware components are visible since they are placed on the exterior surface. Replaced cabinet hardware creates a customized look when matched with new doors. Common used hardware items include; hinges, knobs, pulls and handles. These essential hardware components are prominent features on new cabinetry doors and selection ought to be done wisely.

Sears Cabinet Refacing

Don’t look further, Sears kitchen cabinet refacing provides a wide range of door styles and amazing color selection to suite your home setting. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Sears.

  • They offer free in- home consultation.
  • You can only pay after you’re satisfied with the work done
  • Sears offers a broad selection of colors and styles to match your personality
  • Sears approved installers are insured and experienced
  • They have high quality cabinets to meet your storage needs


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