An Overview Of Different Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet design for you can be quite a challenging task, as the cabinets must add extra style, functionality and value to the kitchen and to your overall home – moreover, they must also complement the decor of your house, which makes it even more difficult for you to choose the right design.

Here you will find more about kitchen cabinets, popular designs as well as tools and software used to create new and intricate models.

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs And Ideas

Every kitchen should tell a story – this is the principle every homeowner should take into consideration when choosing the kitchen cabinets, regardless if we are talking about stock cabinets or custom made cabinets. The cottage style cabinets, for instance, are very classy and chic despite the fact that many regard them as old-fashioned. The cottage kitchens are still a very popular choice: from salvaged wood flooring to painted cabinets, this style is very family-friendly and cheerful, therefore it can be a great addition to almost any home.

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On the other hand, traditional design style seems to be timeless – stained or painted cabinets coupled with glass doors will undoubtedly make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Coupling modern furniture with traditional kitchen cabinets is a daring yet inspired choice, and many people choose to mix modern elements with industrial elements for a vintage-like kitchen. Besides, the most important aspect is that the price for a traditional countertop or cabinet is very affordable as well.

Modern kitchen cabinets, however, are sophisticated and intricate as they usually come with unadorned doors and chrome hardware. They are suitable for the exquisite home and the modern family who is always on the go and barely has time to spend in the kitchen. The straight lines of the modern kitchen cabinet designs are very versatile and perfect for a medium or large sized kitchen.

The Shaker furniture has been around for several hundred years and it is characterized by a simple yet elegant and highly functional style – the Shaker kitchen cabinets are very simple and practical, not to mention that they are very affordable as well. It is actually their simplicity that makes them so popular.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, you do not necessarily have to go either black or white – sometimes, a touch of grey is very chic as well. In this case we are talking about transitional kitchens, that combine modern sophistication with traditional functionality. Built-in cabinets that have traditional, classic, wood-made cabinets are undoubtedly a great choice for large houses. Moreover, transitional cabinets also add great value to your home, therefore if you plan to sell your home in the near future you can easily boost its value with these cabinets.

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The French-style cabinets (also referred to as the romantic cabinets) are another popular choice, and the romantic cabinetry can be easily recognized after the ornamental molding, which is usually handmade and it is a reminiscence of the Old World style. This style is very feminine, elegant and suitable for an idyllic kitchen as they require very little maintenance.

How Can The Home Depot Help You With Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

The Home Depot is one of the most-known and most sought-after retailers of construction and home improvement products and services in the US, and it can help you decide on the most suitable cabinet style for your kitchen. At The Home Depot, you can get professional products and professional advice on how to redesign your kitchen, so that it meets the needs of your family.

How Can Design Tools And Design Software Help You Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Style?

If you have decided to remodel the kitchen and you want to choose a daring style, then you certainly want to get a “sneak peak” of your future kitchen, just to know where your money goes and whether the investment is worth the effort. There are plenty of tools and software online that can help you redesign your kitchen appliances, countertops, accessories and cabinetry with several clicks of the mouse. You can create virtual 3D design that are very realistic and appealing, and most software even suggest you certain cabinet brands or styles that are popular this year. These tools are practical and they come in handy.

A Closer Look At Kitchen Cabinet Sizes And Dimensions

The dimensions for cabinets are generally standardized, and you must know the precise size if you want to order kitchen cabinetry that fits perfectly. Custom kitchen cabinetry can have any dimensions as they are custom-made and the cabinetry is made based on the dimensions of the kitchen, but if you order cabinetry from stock or semi-custom stored, then you must know the dimensions.

The width of the base cabinet can vary anywhere between 36 inches and 48 inches, while the height of the wall cabinet height is usually between 12 and 46 inches and the depth between 12 and 24 inches. The thumb rule when it comes to wall cabinets is that their depth must not exceed the depth of base cabinets.