How To Clean Grease Off Of Kitchen Cabinets

Answer #1

I always clean my cabinets with very hot water and a small drop of washing up liquid, rinse well with hot water and dry well. I have never had any problems with the material of the cabinet´s They are made of chestnut wood . and they look just as good as the day we bought them , & that´s almost 5 years ago.

Answer #2

Please try mr clean magic eraser i use this for grease on my stove counter tops and cabinets plus a ton of other things, and i dont have to work hard to get it off. Just wet the sponge and wipe.

Answer #3

When cleaning kitchen cabinets of touch cooking grease,, there are a few commercial products that are very effective Be sure to read the back label to find the kitchen cleaning product that best suits your needs. You can also try using baking soda for a more environmentally friendly alternative or a mild detergent, such as that you would use to wash your dishes, to cut through grease. You can also try cleaning kitchen cabinet doors by combining a half cup borax, two tablespoons laudry detergent soap flakes, one tablespoon ammonia, and one gallon of warm water. Use full strength in spray bottle or add two cups to a pail of warm water. If any stickiness remains, try using baking soda as a scrub agent. Apply it directly to the area – it should remove any residue without harming the finish…..:)

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