Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets? Tips and Advice

Are you in the process of planning your home’s design and have opted for custom kitchen cabinets, but you’re uncertain about style, color, material? Apart from the budget allotted to this task, it’s also vital to bear in mind that a custom kitchen cabinet adapts to the exact requirements and space that you have available.

That does not mean that a custom kitchen will be necessarily more expensive than a normal one, but it will be more personalized and suited to your needs.

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About Custom Kitchens

Kitchen furniture should combine two elements perfectly: the practical and the aesthetic one, for the final purpose of obtaining an optimized space and a proper positioning of the tools which come in handy in the kitchen. Additionally, it requires a suitable color in order to be in tune with your style. Custom kitchens represent the best choice for any home, as each one can bring a personal touch of style, through the color choices and components which will be created specifically for you.

About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Each of us wants a customized kitchen that resembles our life style. The great advantage of owning a custom kitchen cabinet is the possibility to sketch it alone, with or without the aid of an expert. This way, you’ll be free to choose all the elements which will be incorporated in it.

Experts in the field offer a lot of options in terms of materials, colors and furniture types. Therefore, you can earn a lot not only in terms of money, but also in terms of work quality.

Why Should You Still Opt For a Customized Cabinet?

  • It is practical and features a special and personalized design
  • You can combine classic elements with modern (glossy/matt) materials and different colors
  • If you have a fairly narrow space which doesn’t allow for too many variation, a custom kitchen will get you out of trouble
  • If you have a large space and want a kitchen as well equipped, decorated, and practical as possible, than customized cabinets will help you attain exactly that
  • You can purchase them online if you don’t have the time or willingness to visit a specialized store

Custom kitchen islands are able to adapt to the shape of your room and to its design style. Therefore, regardless of the kitchen designs that you have in mind, such furniture can be adapted perfectly.

Customized kitchen cabinets can be placed on one wall or more, and they can be L or U-shaped according to the way you cook and the amount of food or dishes that you want to be stored inside them. Some popular choices in the domain are represented by the Ikea and Lowes cabinets, which are fairly inexpensive and durable enough to withstand the test of time. The models provided by Home Depot also follow the latest trends and are quite affordable.

When it comes to custom kitchen cabinet prices, one should notice that the average cost/linear foot is of $260, for a basic model. If you’re looking for better quality, than expect to pay an average price of $361 per linear foot.

Finally, if you’re looking for nothing but the best, than you should take into account the average cost of $467 per linear foot. Each individual has different preferences, so it’s up to you how the future cabinets will look like, what materials they will be made of, and how much they’ll draw out of your pocket.

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When choosing your custom kitchen cabinets, you should also be attentive to the worktops’ width. Ideally, the worktop should be 2-3 inches wider in the front than in the body below and 5-6 cm higher in the back to allow the passage of pipes and equipment. It is also recommended for the cupboards to reach a maximum upper edge height of 180 cm, in order to be accessible for average-sized persons.

Kitchen furniture accessories and facilities (e.g. metal storage shelves for dishes or trash) ensure greater efficiency in the use of tools. It’s usually recommended to opt for such furniture when you can’t find what you need in stores or when you need something more durable and featuring non-standard sizes and shapes. When ordering custom kitchen furniture you should keep in mind that it will bring you not only an extra amount of comfort, but also a plus of style to your kitchen.

Finally, Custom Kitchen Cabinets Have a Number of Advantages Which are Worth Pointing Out:

  • Your own choice of dimensions
  • Furniture customized according to your needs
  • Color, design and style as you like them to be
  • Materials of your choice
  • Competitive price


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